About Aqua Filter Canterbury

Hi, Ken here from Aqua Filter Canterbury.

I am a local living in the beautiful town of Lincoln with my family and enjoy being based in the South Island with all of the great outdoors experiences we have on offer.

By way of introduction I have been managing Hotels in the South Island for several years and was born in sunny Gore. I had been looking for an opportunity to have my own business for several years and when the Aqua Filter business came up I jumped at the chance to join the team and further enhance the water quality solution for South Islanders.

Aqua Filter Canterbury commenced in 2017 with the mission to expand the reach of Aqua ( business started in 1994 in the North Island), providing quality drinking water solutions initially in Christchurch and then the surrounding areas. With a number of existing installations already in place Aqua was already known to a good number of customers and installers. The time to establish a footprint in the South was due. It was important to back our existing and new sales with the service of the equipment and meeting the needs of the local clients.

My family have experienced first hand the effects of contaminated water. First from rain water when we were renting in rural Waimauku. With both daughters and my wife affected it was not a pleasant experience for them.

The next time was from a small country town in the South Island where “there is nothing wrong with our water” was the response from the locals. We learned of a number of new locals who had also suffered from the same infection as we did.
It was clear to me there had to be an opportunity to make safe drinking water – now our new challenge begins…

Since I have been involved with Aqua we have supplied solutions for all sorts of water types from: rainwater harvesting (tank water), mains water (specifically chlorine removal) rivers, plus homes drawing from surface waters like springs and creeks. Aqua Filter has developed a reputation as problem solver and we are the go to people for your drinking water needs.

I am passionate about quality drinking water and providing first class customer service.